Proud husband & father. Engineer in Data Science Clothing. Information Visualization Designer. Consultant of sorts. R Enthusiast. Sketchnoter. Assessment professional. Je suis un canard geant.”

For those that want to know a bit more about me:

I am a Biomechanical engineer, with a vastly mispent youth spent developing tech skills. I was always intersted in programming and worked for a combined three years of internships in IT in supply chain for a major Canadian retailer. I decided to persue graduate studies atfer my bachelor’s and ended up at Queen’s University.

During my graduate work, I was introduced to the field of Engineering Education. Had my eyes opened. Kept doing all I could to develop myself as an educator, dive headfirst into the world of research into teaching and learning, and read all I could in the field. I spent some time as a bit of a unicorn, as one of the very few post-docs in EngEd in Canada, working with a fantastic mentor full-out to bring more funding in for our work and to build Engineering Education at Queen’s University.

Worked hard, did well, kept a one-year contract job for 4 years. Built my reputation working with the EGAD Project and used those skills for different jobs. Picked up R one day after frustrations with SPSS. Where have you been all my life? Pitched building systems and software using R to support teaching and learning in engineering. Leveraged my background in assessment, tech skills, graphics and engineering design to do learning analyics and data science work in Higher Education. Now I help instuctors use information and understand their students better through DS + Visualization. Use R to develop packages to do my job more efficiently. Use shiny to make applications to share my work and help people work better .

In the past year, I’ve started consulting as an educational developer/assessment professional/visualization designer. Partnered up with Software Carpentry people on my campus to teach R, and working towards building a local R community.

Very much a choose my own adventure, and I wouldn’t change thing.

Also, I like rubber ducks.