94 minute read

I’ve been having some days! Between sick kids, myself getting sick, deadlines and development promises, I haven’t had a lot of time to make any kind of blog post. I have been following along with my #tidytuesday analysis and visualization though, so this week you get a double feature!

3 minute read

This weeks #TidyTuesday is all about global mortality rates. I’ve looked at datasets like this before, and while they are a great way to see interesting trends and practise some visualization skills, I think there is another lesson to be learned. The human element of data.

4 minute read

I do not update this site as much as I would like. Interacting through twitter and the #R4DS slack channel has been my main contributions as of late to being more active in the #rstats community. I make plans to get to things like posting, then end up with other work, a neat idea, or just decide spend time with my family.